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The Montessori Philosophy

Rainbow Montessori School primarily follows the methods developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s.  However, we incorporate current child development techniques into our curriculum as well.

Maria Montessori was the first woman to receive a medical degree from an Italian University.  Her work as a doctor led her to the understanding of children’s needs and to the development of  a curriculum to answer their needs.

We are dedicated to offering a creative, academic curriculum.  For learning to be meaningful, it must spark the imagination and draw out the child’s creative potential as well as natural tendency towards independence, self-discipline, and social awareness.

A fundamental goal at Rainbow Montessori School is to educate the whole child and address his/her intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs.  Our academic approach is orderly, ensuring an appropriate progression from one development stage to the next, corresponding to each child’s individuality.

Children choose to work individually or in small groups.  Combining the various ages together contributes to their optimal social emotional and intellectual development.  Activities are designed to elicit the child’s interest, inspire concentration and delight in learning.

We feel that it is important to work closely with the family in a common effort to assist each child in his/her development.  Parent conferences and meetings help to achieve this goal.



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